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Jeff's creatively-named journal

Jeff Dubin
27 February 1978
social worker
green/democratic socialist/in solidarity with all workers and all who are oppressed
I live in a small house in central Columbus. I have a roommate
slackass seafood-eating vegetarian (can't give up sushi or shrimp). Some call it "pescatarian"
like to travel overseas, but I rarely have the time and money for it. Like to travel in general.
Varying facial hair--beard in winter, gootee in summer. no tattoos or piercings.
rarely watch TV. I'm not self-righteous about that, I just don't like the experience of TV. It helps that I don't have cable. I do watch movies on DVD, though.
I have this strange interest in sports (American football, basketball, soccer) which totally fails to mesh with my personality as a whole. The basketball bit comes from growing up in Indiana, the soccer bit comes from spending a few months in England, and the football thing has soaked in since I've lived in Columbus.
favorite beer: La Trappe Tripel. favorite wine: Beaujolais Fleurie. Favorite affordable wine: Charles Shaw aka "Three-Buck Chuck"
favorite places on the planet: Yosemite Nat'l Park, coastal Maine, Amsterdam, downtown Chicago, NYC, Florence
my favorite restaurant, solely for its name, is the In Front Of Allah All Halal Kebab Shop in N. London. As for the food, toss-up between Dragonfly and Blue Nile
I go to the gym often, lift weights, run occasionally, and in nice weather I like to ride a bicycle. I like walking and hiking. I go on one or two bike tours yearly.

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