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Snow; Matt - Jeff's creatively-named journal

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January 2nd, 2014

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09:27 pm - Snow; Matt
For some reason, today's snow, and doing a lot of driving in the snow, brought up memories of my first winter with my driver's license. I was 17, in Indianapolis, and I think it was an especially snowy winter. I couldn't drive worth shit. My residential neighborhood was never plowed.
I remember getting stuck in the snow several times. Each time, or at least those I can remember, I had my best friend Matt with me. Matt never had a car and I don't think he ever got his license, so I was always the one driving. Anyway, Matt was HUGE. This really came in handy, because Matt would hop out, walk behind the car, give it one push, and I'd be unstuck.
Matt died at about age 28. I think his being extremely overweight had something to do with it; Matt would happily help anyone, except for himself. I think about him once in a while. I hope his widow and children are well.

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