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February 20th, 2012

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10:07 pm - Skiing
Skiing today, I (unintentionally) attempted my first-ever black diamond area, i.e. moguls, and promptly wiped out. I shed my skis and poles and slid, prone, into one of the chairlift poles. I was back up and skiing again before long, but with a sore leg. It's still sore, especially when I go up stairs. Corey took a worse fall than mine, at the same time and for the same reason.

On the positive side, I (intentionally) went faster, and on steeper slopes, than I had ever done before, and that without falling. I have a better sense of how to turn, and am confident about pointing whichever way I want as long as I'm not at high speed. Sharp, parallel-skis turns are still to come.

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